Bring your walls to life: Eco-graffiti from moss

Today, people have started to pay more attention to the environment and that is why they are concerned about ecology. After these concerns, the idea of ​​"moss eco-graffiti" became a real discovery as a substitute for toxic paint and was enthusiastically received by the public, which led to its increasing popularity.

Over time, contemporary street artists began to emphasize that street art can be not only visually beautiful, but also ecologically beautiful. Eco-graffiti is not made with toxic and harmful paint, but using ordinary moss. Aiming to reflect the eternity between humanity and nature, designer Edina Tokodi started this art form.

Algae graffiti or eco-graffiti is an art form created to break the resistance of streets surrounded by concrete. It seems that it is not so easy to create such a beautiful thing. Fences, walls, etc. Eco-graffiti is a perfect way to paint.

British artist Anna Garforth began to create huge and unusual installations that remind not only graffiti, but also the importance of caring for the environment. Newsprint figures, fallen leaves and walls decorated with magazine paper are some of his most notable works of art. The artist is always looking for new ideas because he loves visual design. The author is directly interested in creating unusual patterns and designs that will enliven the city.

Although walls like these are expensive to install, they are easy to maintain (especially if they use sedges instead of moss). As long as you keep them indoors and out of the sun, you won't need to water them.

But would you like eco-graffiti in your home?