Kitchen design trends 2022

As the proverb says, "The way to the heart is through the stomach." The kitchen is the heart of the house. There are many different and fashionable design ideas for the kitchen in 2022. Here, naturally inspired tones, elegant, but at the same time complex colors will be in the foreground.

Here are the best kitchen design trends of 2022 to guide you in the right direction:

1 - Eco-friendly kitchens

As mentioned earlier, nature-inspired colors will become a popular feature of trendy kitchens in 2022.

Let's look at colors that are neutral and natural: all the fresh shades of pale blue and forest green are perfect eco-tones that go well with other cheerful colors like yellow and orange. Natural wood veneer furniture will perfectly complement the kitchen and give it a sense of luxury.

Don't forget to think about accessories too! Tables and curtains, decorative plants, terracotta and hand-woven accessories will create an environmentally friendly look.

2 - Sunny and bright kitchens

Let's say "yes" to the revitalization, sparkle, happiness and brilliance after a dull year, free from pandemic and quarantine fatigue thanks to white kitchens!

You can be sure that in 2022, bright yellow and burnt orange colors will be used more in kitchen doors and walls.

3 - Use of simple kitchens and minimal decor

If your taste is based on elegant simplicity, furniture, decor and accessories in the kitchen should be minimal. This will make your kitchen more spacious. The term simplicity is an excellent choice for small or narrow kitchens. If you choose this style, geometric shapes will clearly prevail.

4 - Eclectic kitchens

Eclecticism is the complete opposite of simplicity. For this reason, eclectic kitchens are a style that combines different textures, patterns and tones to create a unique look and deserves special attention. If you are an art lover, eclecticism can help you create a different atmosphere in your kitchen.

5 - Kitchen furniture

Now more kitchens than ever have become the heart of our home, so it is important to create a comfortable and well-designed place to sit and spend time.

Kitchen lighting gives the homeowner maximum freedom of choice. Designed magnificent necklaces are increasingly used in kitchen interiors. Spot lights are still important. With low lighting that matches the atmosphere of the space, you can create the comfort of a living room in your kitchen.