Rococo style interior design

How did the Rococo style come about?

The Rococo style, famous for its exquisitely decorated decor, was one of the best methods chosen to emphasize the interior design of the palaces and the quality and durability of the royal houses.

The Rococo style originated in France in 1730 as part of the Baroque period, but its decor and extravagance are still seen in modern villas.

What makes this interior design style special?

Initially, the Rococo style was designed and applied only for interior design, then turned to architecture.

What distinguishes the Rococo style from other styles is the intricate ornaments in the decor, curved serpentine lines, fluid and elegant movements of the forms. The purpose of this style is to turn all the elements of the room into a work of art. The lack of symmetry is the most striking feature of Rococo design.

Rococo style colors and materials

The Rococo style is recognizable by its bright color palette: gold, white, pastel and earthy colors. Common combinations of blue and gold, light green and pale pink, beige and gold are more commonly used in this style.

There are many types of expensive fabrics. The floral motif silk fabric combined with gold frames creates an elegant look.

Ceiling and wall decor

Decorated with high ceilings, shallow relief, semicircular and arched walls, this style is also enriched with plaster, molds and ornaments.

Plaster caps create an invisible transition between the ceiling and the walls.

Both the ceiling and the walls are enriched with elegant and curved ornaments, giving them a more fashionable look.

Rococo style mirrors and furniture

Rococo-style mirrors are decorated in various and unique design forms and are surrounded by carved gold frames.

Elegant and elegant handmade furniture is considered invaluable in this style.

Rococo style modern interior design

Rococo style interior design is like a dream, and its aristocratic decor inspires even the most extravagant interiors today.

You can see the Rococo style in modern palace designs and luxurious villas, the modernist approach and the use of innovative materials create more modern images that retain the charm of the original period version.

Would you like to turn your house into a magnificent palace with such an interior?