Unusually designed Cube Houses

"Kubuswoningen" is the name given to Cubic Houses in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. It is one of the most attractive and prominent places in the city. Designed by Dutch architect Piet Blom, these houses are literally 45-degree inclined cubes. Visitors can learn more about these apartments by exploring the Show Cube Museum ("Kijk-Kubus") or spend an unforgettable holiday in Rotterdam by staying in one of the cubes. Cube Homes is located near the Rotterdam Blaak train station and in the Oude Haven area, where there are many restaurant-cafe alternatives.

State of the Art Housing Concept

The architectural structures we encounter in Rotterdam are among the most innovative and creative structures to be found anywhere in the Netherlands. Thirty years after its completion, Cube Houses continues to be one of the city's most attractive landmarks. These amazing cube houses are cubes inclined at 45 degrees and are specially designed for the most efficient use.

Dutch architect Piet Blom designed these Cube Houses in Rotterdam in the late 1970s at the request of town planners. Blom also previously conducted experimental research on cubic architecture in Helmond, the Netherlands.

Designed to represent a forest, the top of these Cube Houses is built asymmetrically to resemble the top of a tree. Structurally, the cubes sit on a hexagonal column. Cube Houses consist of concrete floors, concrete poles and wooden frames. The first floor of these three-storey narrow-staircase houses has an entrance, an American-style open kitchen and a living room. On the second floor there is a bathroom and two bedrooms. Due to the structure of the upper floors, it is sometimes used as an attic or terrace. The first thing you need to get used to when stepping into Cube Houses is that all the walls are inclined. It is especially recommended to pay attention to your head when going upstairs.

Museum and Accommodation Facilities for Visitors

One of the Cub Houses was turned into a museum called "Kijk-Kubus", and visitors interested in these houses were given the opportunity to tour in a fully equipped form. Also, an architectural firm in Rotterdam has turned one of the cubes into a hostel called Stayokay Hostel Rotterdam, which also welcomes guests from all over the world.