Project Home Office

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Project Home Office


Area 78.00 m2
Area used 64.00 m2
Number of rooms 2
General construction price 38955 AZN
Price by installment 45967 AZN
Payment period by installment 36 month
The initial payment (25%) 11491,75 AZN
Monthly payment 957,65 AZN

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Concrete "M 300"
Rebars "Baku Steel Company" / "STP"
Roof Monolith
Roof insulation Thermal insulation Waterproofing
Masonry blocks “Bakstone” (façade 400 mm, partition 120 mm) / Coquina block
Cements “Norm”, "Holcim"
Ceiling Plasterboard "Gilan"
Interior paintworks "Ağdağ", "Mətanət A"
Façade cladding “Norm”, "Holcim"
Electrical wiring "Prysmian" "GÖKNUR"
Plumbing fixtures “Hilfan” "Metak"
Floor Wood plank, Plywood
Warm floor Sesta SRL (Italy)
Windows “Adopen" (Turkey)
Outer door Turkey, Azerbaijan


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