Exposed Masonry Blocks

Exposed masonry blocks are produced in a variety of colors, dimensions, and shapes. Although it was only in the recent years that our company’s products secured the deserved place in the local market, pressed adobe bricks have been utilized in Europe (especially in Germany) since 1880s. Bakstone is the first company that produces this product in Azerbaijan in compliance with local and international standards. The company receives raw materials for brick production from its own quarries.

The fully automated plant with a 10 hectare footprint is designed to minimize human labor; as a result, only 8 personnel are involved in production process. Bakstone produce bricks of different dimensions depending on purpose; besides, 6 different shapes of bricks are made. We produce materials for both outer and inner walls (partitions).

Physical indicators

20x19x40 0.60azn / (0.53azn Zavod)

12x19x39 0.48azn / (0.42azn Zavod)

19x19x29 0.48azn / (0.42azn Zavod)

8x19x40 0.45azn / (0.39azn Zavod)

8x10x19 0.25azn / (0.12azn Zavod)

12x24x5.5 0.2azn / (0.22azn Zavod)


Can be used for façade walls as well as for partitions.


Considered a bioproduct in some countries of Europe and Americas; its environmentally clean and healthy composition renders it low radioactive and thereby higher quality.


Plays a role of heat insulation that protects from heat and cold.


Provides partial noise suppression both inside-out and outside-in if used in outer walls and/or partitions


Renders the desired effect on walls where a favorable appearance is required.


Bakstone block surface is totally smooth compared to other materials, which eliminates the necessity in two finish layers (hard stopping and plaster).
Schedule of price difference between Bakstone masonry blocks and other masonry blocks (for partitions)BakstoneRegular brickStone block
Item price (AZN)0.370.190.35
Total (AZN)4.625.264.98
Masonry materials: sand, cement (AZN)0.900.901.20
Masonry works (AZN)
Plastering materials (two sides): sand, cement (AZN)0.002.403.70
Plastering works (two sides) (AZN)
Total cost per m28.5217.5618.88