Apartment or yard house?

Which is better - an apartment or a yard house?

The purposefulness of a house should be based on the comfort and functionality it gives us. In this case, everyone who wants to own a new home has a question: "Is a yard house good or an apartment?"

Let's take an approximate figure. For example, you can own a 200 m2 apartment with a purchase price of AZN 400,000, fully renovated.

But did you know that for the same amount - you will have a yard house with a construction area of ​​390 m² with the delivery of the key on 6 acres of land? In addition, what advantages does the yard house promise you? Let's list:

• You will always be in harmony with nature, and you will be able to get fresh air and live a healthy life without noise.

• Thanks to the personal cinema you can create at home, you will be able to enjoy movie nights with your loved ones to the maximum.

• You will also get rid of monthly expenses with a 2-seater garage where you can park your car without wasting time.

• You will be able to plant the plants you want and take care of them, you will be able to be one with nature.

• No need to go to the sea, you will be able to have fun in the 4x8 skimmer type pool and pool area. In short, you will bring the sea home!

• You will have a barbecue where you can cook delicious meals with your own hands without having to worry about smoke and smell, and a terrace where you can eat those dishes with your loved ones.

• When you want to own a pet, you will no longer have to worry about your neighbors.

For those who really like to live in a detached house, it does not end with counting the advantages of backyard homes. First of all, you will be able to design the purpose of the rooms completely according to your wishes and tastes without any obstacles.

If you are still undecided, you can approach our office and get a free consultation with our professionals. We are with you from the initial consultation to the final conclusion!