Mortgage from 9% to 15 years

We have tried to make your dreams come true for the last 10 years. Now the path to dreams is easier. For this reason, in partnership with the International Bank of Azerbaijan, we have increased the CONSTRUCTION LOAN from 9% to 15 years. You can be the next.

The construction is built on the customer's personal land plot on the basis of the order.

Requirements to the borrower: age limit at least 20 years, on the last date of repayment of loan obligations - maximum 65 years.

Term: 5-year mortgage - 9%

10-year mortgage - 10%

15-year mortgage - 11%

Minimum down payment: At least 30% of the total construction costs

Type of payment: Monthly

Collateral 1: With additional real estate collateral (the ratio of the market value of the collateral to the loan amount must be at least 120%).

Collateral 2: With the pledge of the land plot on which construction will be carried out

Note: It is not necessary to pledge the land plot if the ratio of the market value of the collateral under the 1st guarantee to the loan amount is at least 150% (the land plot to be built on it must be residential). The property that is the subject of the mortgage must belong to the borrower himself or his first-degree relatives.

BGN (debt to income ratio): 70% including other liabilities

Bakstone Construction always thinks of you, providing high quality service. We are always with you from the beginning of construction to the delivery of the contract without initial consultation!