Interior design in Art Deco style

Art Deco style with details

"Art Deco" art movement of French origin continues from the 1920s to 2022.

Depending on the Ardeco style, you can liven up your room with delicate etchings, eye-catching posters, artwork, handicrafts, and of course, your favorite photos.

Be creative, because you can do it yourself. You can turn your walls into a work of art with furniture or photo frames.
You can dramatically change your home by buying affordable reproductions of famous works of art.

Distinctive features

The distinguishing features of this style are simple, clean shapes, often having a "relaxed" look. You can also adapt the Ardeco style in your home with stylized ornaments of geometric or figurative shapes. If you have an Ardeco style home, it will be admired by your guests with its relative simplicity, planarity, symmetry and constant repetition of most elements.